RIG #81 - Daylight Double
24 Hour Operations Optional
Rig & Drawworks Wilson Mogul 42B-500, Single Drum, 5 Axle, Back-In Unit SN# 10693
Engines GM 12V-71 TT Engine (550HP) with Allison 5860 Transmission
Derrick 102' / 250,000 Telescoping Derrick with Rod Basket Note: With 1 inch drill line the maximum hook load is 206,000 on 6 lines. With 1 inch drill line the maximum hook load is 267,000 on 8 lines.
Brakes 42" x 10" Forged Steel with Watersplash Cooling
Mud System Gardner Denver PAH Triplex Pump with 4-1/2" Liners Powered by GM 8V-92 Engine 200 Barrel Mud Tank with a 35 Barrel Slug Tank with Guns Standpipe and Rotary Hose Circulating Manifold
Generator 13.5 KW Powered by Lister Diesel Engine
Traveling Equipment Mckissick FIG. 31 100 Ton 3 Sheave Block 2-3/8 and 2-7/8 EUE Elevators for Standard Collared Tubing
Tubing Tongs Foster Type 58-93R
Rotary Tongs
Air Slips Cavins Type C for 2-3/8, 2-7/8 and 3-1/2
Well Control Systems
Rotating Equipment
Water System
BOP Hydril Sentry - Double Hydraulic 7-1/16 5000 psi
Crew Facilities
Crew Boat
Lagniappe Adjustable Working Platform TIW Type 2-7/8 8rd Safety Valve Pusher House Dog House Diesel Tank 750 Gallons Pipe Racks - Pipe racks are a rental item. 5', 3' or 1-1/2' Pony Structure available when needed.