Moncla Marine

With the largest fleet of workover barge rigs in the Gulf Coast, Moncla Marine can take care of your needs faster and more efficiently.

Moncla's versatile fleet has the capabilities to adapt to any location, providing the perfect rig to fit any demanding environment.

Whether you need The Moccasin to work atop the shallow waters of the basin; The Catfish to fight your fish out of the hole; The Gator's strength to pull 17,000 feet; or The Stingray or The Tarpon to settle on the bottom of the water in depths up to 18 feet, Moncla can adapt to your wells.

Moncla has earned its reputation for service, environmental awareness and experienced employees, who are trained to meet the ever changing demands of the oil and gas industry.

Call or email us today to make Moncla Marine your inland contractor of choice.

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